Charter Skipper Course 10.02.2024 English/Danish

17.990,00 kr.

First of 2 instalments, DKK 17,990,-
DKK 10,000,- is paid on an invoice sent out at least 3 months before departure.

Total of DKK 27,990

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Begynder: 10/2 – 2024 
Slutter: 24/2 – 2024
Kursus: Charter skipper course
Hold nr: 8125
Sprog: English / Danish 
Datoer:  10/2 – 24/2 – 2024 
Pris: 27.990,-
Max 8, minimum 5 participants.
We recommend only buying plane tickets when the last installment has been paid, which will be at least 3 months before departure.
With 5 registered, an invoice is sent for the last installment with payment within 8 days and the trip will then be completed.

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